Established in 2005 by founder Keith Low, Pictorial has been providing reliable and professional photography services for various government and private sector organizations both locally and internationally. As a photographer, Keith has worked in the corporate sector serving as a product trainer for Panasonic and a product manager for Olympus. He has also served as an Official X Photographer for FujiFilm, and has been a brand spokesperson for Gitzo Tripods, Manfrotto Bags, and Zeiss South-east Asia. He currently collaborates with numerous camera manufacturers in areas such as sponsored image sampling, product reviews and talks, photowalks, and product beta testing.

As a trainer, Keith has conducted product and photography training for esteemed brands such as Sony, Olympus, FujiFilm, Nikon, and Zeiss. With his product knowledge and high level of technical expertise, Keith is frequently called upon to act as a consultant for various camera dealers in the region. As a private instructor, Keith has also trained over 9000 participants during various Pictorial outdoor photography courses. Our comprehensive and systematic approach encourages students to learn the fundamentals of photography in a practical and holistic manner, so as to produce a complete photographer.

4 Session Basic Photography Course, City Discovery

3 Session Landscape Photography Course


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