Pictorial Photography Gallery


Pictures are created by the photographer's intention, it should not be a end product of an editing software. Ever since Pictorial started guiding in photography, post processing techniques via editing software were keep out of range for our participants.

Understanding photography techniques via full manual level of control and not P/A/S modes, camera systems and lenses, correct usage of filters & understanding nature of lighting will replace the need of going through any editing process for one picture. We live in a digital age where even our mobile phone could do some simple photography editing tasks, so using software editing could be a much more easier task compared to using experiences which most of the people do not have in photography. However using experience instead of a software although tiring, could give you a marvelous sense of satisfaction.

All images in the photography courses are taken during the training sessions with participants by Keith, Founder, Professional Photographer of Pictorial without the use of post processing from editing software.

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